All our chairs can be ordered in Natural Oak or Natural Beech 
(the maple finish is NOT available on chairs)

and can also be stained to match our
Teak, Mahogany, French Cherry, Dark Oak, Medium Oak  and Walnut Finishes.
The stained finishes carry a higher cost than the natural finishes,
please check with your nearest retailer for an up to date price.

We can offer 6 choices of seat coverings on all our chairs.
The natural cream hopsack fabric carries a higher cost than the faux leather,
please check prices with your nearest retailer.

Brown Faux Leather

Cream Faux Leather

Natural Cream Hopsack

Black Faux Leather

White Faux Leather

Grey Faux Leather

The Cambridge Chair

Model Shown here is the 


Cambridge Chair in Oak


Cream Faux Leather Seat Pad

Model shown here is the 


Cambridge Chair in Oak


Brown Faux Leather Seat Pad

The Videco Chair

Model Shown here is the


Videco Slatted Back Chair 

with a Grey Faux Leather seat pad in Solid Oak